In 1911, a young women named Penny Hart is lost in London without friends, family, or a home to speak of.  Then her life gets considerably stranger.  Due to an odd series of events Miss Hart finds herself in the custody/employment of the Harker Institute of Super-Natural Studies after she manages to get an enchanted hunk of metal stuck in her foot.  Penny tries to make the best of her new surroundings as she makes new friends (and enemies) through her adventures of magic and mayhem, that is, until the Institutes past comes back to haunt it and make Penny’s life more complicated yet again.

Penny Dreadful was a webcomic that ran from 2010-2017.  I started it in high school, and while it isn't finished (and probably never will be), it was the project I used to teach myself how to make comics and I'm still proud of what I created.  Warning: the first pages are from highschool and are rough, but it gets better, I promise! Read the whole thing here